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A Message From Kathleen Gage About Her New VIP Mentoring Program

Street Smarts Marketing VIP Club

A Step-By-Step, 52-Week Training Program For Starting And Running A Successful Six Figure a Year Online Business! $27 Per Month

I don’t want to write something that sounds like a bunch of hype or BS. What I want to do is simply share the truth about some amazing information you can have access to. Simple as that.

Information that is real, proven and usable. If this interests you, read on.

What if you could develop money making information products even if you have never done so before; build a highly responsive subscriber list; have access to a list of over 100 article directories that have page ranks as high as 5, 6 and 7; learn how to make sales stick and reduce refunds; and clearly define your market so you’re not wasting time, money and effort in reaching those people you know you are meant to impact with your information? What if this is just scratching the surface of what you would have access to?

What if you could learn some of the best information around from an expert who has a proven track record, is committed to delivering quality information to those who know they are meant to make a difference in the lives of their customers?  What if you had access to all of this for a lot less than you might think?

Well, you can. With my Street Smarts Marketing VIP Club membership program, you will have incredible information at your fingertips that you can apply immediately to fulfill your dreams of having a successful online business while impacting the lives of others. And, you will learn how to build a sustainable revenue stream that gives you financial freedom in a way that few people experience.
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This is a month by month program so you can be a member for as little, or as long, as you would like during the 12 months. I am so confident about the quality of information that I know you will be thrilled with it and want to remain with the program for the entire 12 months.

Don’t just take my word for it, read what other members have said.
“Kathleen has proven to me that she values her clients, provides quantities of specific, quality information and can coach me through to a successful plan.  The Real Deal! I am up for the adventure! Thanks Kathleen! “
Terry Loving –
Taking the Local out of Small Business
Small Business Web Solutions

“In today’s world of marketing there’s a lot of huff-n-puff and basically the same stuff. Kathleen’s approach is real and very exciting! I get the sense she knows her stuff and if I DO IT I will have success.”
Darryl –

(Read testimonial by Nikki Leigh below)

You can read more feedback on the information page at
There’s only one problem. Memberships are limited and lots of people have already signed up. Will you be next?

I would love for you to join in on this exciting opportunity.

In success,

Kathleen Gage
The Street Smarts Marketer

My Testimonial For The VIP Mentoring Program –

Several years ago, I took a chance and bought the first ebook in what would become my “Kathleen Gage library”. At that time, I had heard very little about her, but the topic caught my attention, because I was just learning to transfer my offline promotional experience to the internet. That was the first of MANY items I have gotten from Kathleen over the years. Since then, I’ve learned to keep my eyes open for the next thing she is offering. She mentioned this program to me when it was in development and I was curious – but I’ve participated in many of her programs. For some reason I always wonder if she will have something new to offer. Well, she did it again :) There is much information that I have heard before – but the I like the weekly shorter bits that she is offering in the VIP program. Its a nice size amount to read, learn and implement each week and I’m very curious to see all 50+ topics that she will cover. If you are just starting out or if you are a seasoned pro — there is information you can learn in this program and the price is incredible. To tap into the promotional information that Kathleen Gage has to share at such a low price point is a gift that everyone should accept.

Nikki Leigh – Award Winning Author and Social Media Publicist and

Imagine – using a cocktail as a promotional tool.  Read on for details about the ingredients for this cocktail and how it has worked into the promotion of Cafe Tempest: Adventures on a Small Greek Island by Barbara Bonfigli

Retsina has been given a bad rap, starting about 500 b.c. when some picky Athenians turned up their Grecian noses at the scent and taste of pine resin. Being a readily available natural resource — pine forests were a lot more common in Greece than cork groves — it was used to seal traveling amphorae of white wine. These plugs of pine added a certain flavor to the wine — turpentine comes to mind here. Heroditus records no complaints back then. For a while it was even trendy to add a little pine mash to the freshly pressed grapes. But when the Turks began overrunning parts of Greece a few hundred years later, a legend grew that pine sap was added to the wine stores to spoil them for the invaders. That sealed retsina’s fate in the area of public relations — ’til now.

When I started going to Greece in the 80′s, the Turkish invasion theory had waned, and I was told that a bit of resin in your wine prevents a hangover in the hot, ubiquitous Greek sun; be sure to pack a bottle for your beach picnic. I wasn’t buying that, but I am buying retsina. The fact that I, a Californian born within sipping distance of the vineyards of Napa Valley, really like retsina, indicates that the ancients were on to something. Either that or it’s clear proof of reincarnation. That, however, is a another story…maybe the sequel to “Café Tempest: Adventures on a Small Greek Island.”

Publishing a book requires a thorough review. I discovered that my novel mentions retsina 34 times, not in a loving way. According to my protagonist Sarah, retsina can start your motorbike, remove nail polish, cure you of thought, and cause –what is it?– oh yes, memory loss. Unfair Sarah! I decided to correct this slander. For my first book party, held in a fancy Greek restaurant in New York City, I decided to create a cocktail based on retsina. A friend and I experimented with lots of ingredients (this is pure fun, by the way, as long as you’re not planning to drive anywhere.) We couldn’t get it quite right. Then the bartender at the restaurant added a little Samos, a sweet Greek dessert wine to our concoction. Bingo! The “Café Tempestini” was born.

We served it that first night, to a lot of discerning i.e. highly skeptical — but brave– Greeks and they were amazed. The main ingredient is rather disguised of course, but you can still taste retsina in there. Now I mix a batch at every bookstore event, book party, dinner party. People adore it; and how it opens their ears and imaginations and wallets! Books are flying out the door.

To learn about Barbara Bonfigli and Café Tempest, feel free to visit any of these sites.

Order Café Tempest directly from the publisher – or from Amazoné-Tempest-Adventures-Small-Island/dp/0981645313

To see the complete tour schedule visit

Barbara Bonfigli’s website –

Several years ago I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Jeffrey Deaver at a writer’s conference and it was fantastic :) I’ve been a fan of his work for years and I’ve been rereading all his novels in the last couple of years.

For anyone who hasn’t read his books (shame on you :). Seriously, if you enjoy edge of your seat thrillers that keep you guessing till the end and once you think its over – there are at least 1 or 2 more twists, these are books you have to try. I bought my first Deaver book in a used book store and I was hooked. So far there was only one that I couldn’t get into. Not bad out of over 25 books.

When I sat down to talk with him, I simply had to ask if he was willing to share any tips. He did share some great information and one of those tips was used in Lilah and the Locket. From comments and reviews I’ve gotten, it seems that it worked. Of course I’ll continue to use those ideas and to improve.

One of the things I get a lot of flack about is that I plan, research and do some outlining for my books. I was very please when one of my all time favorite authors said that he does extensive outlining. Extensive is the only way to explain it – he can spend 8 months outlining, researching and planning a book. But, like he said – that makes it easier to actually write the book.

I plan my books and do some outlining – then as the story develops, I may discover something that makes it necessary to update my plans and outlines. But, I’ve written both ways. My first book took me well over a year to write and I threw out the first 50,000 words. That proved to me that no plan was not the way to get the book done. Over the next 11 books, I’ve honed my writing skills and while I was a fulltime freelancer, I could easily write a 300 page book in 2-3 books. That was 2-3 months from the conception of the idea, to sending it off to my publisher or my client. There are all kinds of book ideas in my mind and if it took a year to write each one – I’d never get to share enough of these books with others.

I just saw a video by Jeffrey Deaver where he gives a great illustration of why he thinks authors should plan and outline. Seemed like it would be interesting to share. And, I even noticed in the video that he wears a ring just like one I have :)

A great way to get promotional ideas for your books is through brainstorming with other writers. This can easily be done with online message boards, forums and marketing groups can be a huge help. I’ve been a member of networking groups where you work on marketing ideas together and the members promote each other. This works face to face, online or over the phone.

Work With Other Authors to Brainstorm Promotions

You can create a group of people so that you can brainstorm ideas. This group can be made up of friends, family or business associates. Anyone who can and will offer useful input about your ideas can be part of this group. You can post a link on your website to ask people for their thoughts. It would be interesting to post a graphic of a “suggestion box” and invite visitors to send their ideas.

Online Book Brainstorming Options

This doesn’t need to be an expensive promotional opportunity. Online promotional brainstorming should be free. Our promotional forum is a great way to brainstorm and share ideas. Anyone can ask questions, start a discussion, ask for feedback about your website or let your hair down and have some fun. This offers chances to become acquainted and to share ideas and suggestions. You may even find writers who write similar genres, use the same settings or any other similarities.

Book Promotion Does Not Need To Be A Solitary Activity

Working together along with sharing ideas and suggestions is also a way for all of us to learn more and to develop new friendships. These friendships can easily turn into productive promotional relationships for each person who is involved. I’ve also found the people who participate and help one another, attract more attention to their books.

Nikki Leigh
Author of the Book Promo 101 Series